'No' to Old Brompton Road

Oppose the oversized plans for 344-350 Old Brompton Road


...and why are we against them?

After suffering through the demolition of Earls Court and promises of a development that we have the “best of London including garden squares and open space”, the first off the mark by the new owners of Earls Court have shown us a taste of what they will do.


Forget homes we can own.

Forget homes for us.

Forget open green spaces.

Forget respecting our heritage. 

We do want homes but homes we would want to live in.


We want open green space. We do not want to be densely stacked in tall buildings. Nor do want a tall building looming over the Brompton Cemetery and uses as alternative play space; we want it respected and a quiet space for us all.

The planning application submitted by the new owners is for a building 2.5 times larger than the one approved in 2018.


It will be 9.5 storeys, 4 storeys taller than the surrounding terraces.


It will have 51 flats, all for the rental market. 

Secrecy surrounds the plans for the new master plan, but this proposal is a taster of what is to come.  Two to three times taller or more, denser, trees in pots, outdoor space on the roof…think Canary Wharf of the west. 

Masterplan overlay.jpg

We were promised affordable homes for “people struggling to buy a home without leaving the borough”. And now what do we receive…all rental units, controlled totally by the developer. Do not be fooled by the amount and type of “affordable homes”. The rent is set at the highest level allowed and provides the minimum affordable homes required.

There is no open space other than a small roof top paved platform of 72m2, all to be shared with everyone in the building, according to the application 142 occupants, and no dedicated child area. 

We need your help to tell both the new owners of Earls Court and RBKC that we want what was promised.


We need you to oppose this application:

  • the proposal is too tall and too dense for the site;  

  • oppose the lack of open accessible green space;

  • oppose the unacceptable amenity and child space;

  • oppose the harm to the area particularly the conservation areas and the Brompton Cemetery;

  • we want homes for residents, not rental housing. 




Objections are still being accepted by the Council, so please send in yours now:


We're delighted to be backed by the following organisations:

The Kensington Society

Earl's Court Area Action Group 

The Boltons Association

The Friends of Brompton Cemetery

Philbeach Gardens Residents Association

Earl’s Court Gardens & Morton Mews Residents’ Association

Earl’s Court Village Residents Association